The revolution of digital stroboscopy

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one device - many Applications

The 3 Components

The USB stick

The most compact control unit in Laryngoscopy. This small USB device is the key element of the whole stroboLIGHT. It is suitable for a regular USB-2.0-Port. In order to use the stroboLIGHT one simply plugs the microphone as well as the LED light source into the USB device. There is no further power source necessary, since the USB port of the laptop provides the energy for all the components: USB stick, microphone and LED light. The battery of the computer enables the user to operate the stroboLIGHT in a completely self-sufficient manner. With the aid of the stroboLIGHT software all the necessary Stroboscopy functions can be adjusted, both for MAC and Windows.

The LED light source

color temperature
Light output

The LED light source is a solution based on latest technologies. This light source provides all the power necessary for both rigid and flexible endoscopes. This means no additional cold light illumination, no additional power source is necessary. The integrated high-performance LED gets all the energy from the USB stick. Thanks to the universal connection for different adapters it is possible to connect endoscopes from all kinds of different manufacturers.

The Microphone

The microphone is the core element for a precise Stroboscopy. Due to a new design it is now possible to capture every pitch exactly. A digital reconciliation determines every frequency with certainty and guarantees a failure-free Stroboscopy. With the adjustable Velcro collar the microphone is adaptable to every neck diameter.

Frequency range

The delivery contents

driver and control unit of system
LED light source
with 3m cable
with 3m cable, funnel and Velcro

The stroboLIGHT set is delivered in a prestigious aluminium case.

examplevideo of stroboLIGHT

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The Advantages at a glance

Excellent images

Unique digital alignment of sound, light and image.

perfect illumination

Innovative LED technology allows use of rigid and flexible endoscopes.

Precise Audio Capture

Digital frequency capture and flexible adjustment of the contact microphone result in precise audio capture.

universal adaptation

The powerful LED light source can be connected to all common endoscope types.

Versatile Solution

By utilizing a standard USB 2.0 port, the stroboLIGHT will function of the battery of any standard notebook.

Single work station or network

Through the USB 2.0 port stroboLIGHT can be integrated into single work stations or network solutions.

Use of existing equipment

stroboLIGHT can be used with all types of existing cameras and laryngoscopes.

small and compact

The total set comes in a prestigious aluminum case. (Dim.: 29 x 21 x 5 cm (WxHxD), Weight: 950 g)

Always "up to date"

The unique on-line update keeps the stroboLIGHT always up to date, regardless of computer changes or new medical developments.

Windows or MAC

Drivers for both operating systems are available: Windows and Mac !

Suitable for all applications

stroboLIGHT can be used with Surface Tablet or notebook, single work station or in network solutions, portable or cart-mounted system.

extensible at any time

Pictures and videos can be digitalized by using our USB-Camera digiCAM in combination with our software MedicalEDA.


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